Our design department is available to assist you in solving your industrial application needs. We will utilize our years of real world experience along with factory training knowledge and resources to help meet your production demands. We will follow your custom project from time of conception, through design, order processing, shop assembly, installation, and start-up. We have full AutoCAD capabilities utilizing the latest software. Our goal is to be your single source for all of your industrial equipment needs.

Spray Guns
Automatic electrostatic Graco PRO Auto Xs spray guns mounted on vertical reciprocator. Guns are fed by remote mounted pumps.

Spray Booths
We provide and install various types of spray booths including the side down-draft drive thru truck booth shown. We provide both standard and custom booths to meet your application requirements.

Electronic Proportioners
Graco Plural component Proportioner with circulating Resin supply pumps, and moisture sensitive Catalyst supply pump. Martech dual breathing air systems were installed for the painters comfort and safety.

Lubrication Systems
Dudley C. Jackson, Inc. was founded on designing and installing lubrication systems, and has expanded into markets including the tire, paper, mines/quarries, utilities, automotive, and mobile equipment.

Pumps with Agitator / Elevators
Paint kitchen with Exel, Kremlin Rexson supply pumps with 55-gallon cover mounted agitator elevator assemblies. Material is being pumped through stainless steel tubing to multiple booth-side manual spray stations.

Personnel Lifts
Spray booth mounted LPI personnel scissor lifts that allow the painter to access hard to reach areas on the product in a safe and secure manner.

Paint Kitchens and Supply Pumps
Nordson 25B supply pumps being pressure feed by DeVilbiss pressure tanks. Pumps are mounted inside paint kitchen provided by Dudley C. Jackson, Inc.

Turnkey Systems
We provide our customers with turnkey system designs when needed. These include installation of specified hydraulic tubing to multiple locations. We can provide complete pump kitchens, conveyor systems, washers, ovens, custom spray booths, air make-up units, manual or automatic spray or dispense stations, and all the peripheral components needed for a complete production package designed to meet your demands.