Merger Announcement

Effective March 1, 2019, Dudley C. Jackson, LLC merged operations with Spray Equipment and Service Center Inc. based in Wichita, KS. The combined companies will operate as Spray Equipment & Service Center LLC. The combined staffs will bring an immense amount of expertise and experience to the marketplace. With the addition of Spray’s locations, the combined company will have 9 locations including Mexico to service a variety of industrial and commercial needs.
Please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you in the future!

Dudley C. Jackson LLC

We have been serving industry for over 60 years, providing solutions for some of the largest manufacturing and mining facilities in the Southeast. We do this by combining our vast experience with the most reliable and well known manufacturers in the business. Over the years we have provided solutions for customers as large as automobile assembly plants and as small as one-owner cabinet shops.

The Solutions We Offer

We offer paint proportioning, pumping / application equipment, paint booths, mix rooms, washers and ovens. We also offer sealant and adhesive unloading and precision application systems. We provide lubrication equipment; including series progressive distribution systems, injector systems, timers, and pumps. For fast fueling of your mobile equipment we sell Wiggins fast fueling products. We design and install various ink jet and other marking systems for packaging and product applications. Finally, in order to better serve our existing customer base we can also provide complete air and paint overspray filtration products.

The Markets We Serve

We sell, install and maintain our products in various product markets. Among these are the pipe and steel mill industries, truck and trailer manufacturing, tire and rubber production facilities, the mining industry, office furniture manufacturing, wood product manufacturing, pulp and paper mills, the ceiling tile industry, automotive assembly, tier 1 automotive suppliers, various foundries, assorted machining facilities and others.

Our promise to you:

To continuously improve our service capabilities by utilizing the best available technologies while exercising open, honest communication. Our mission is to assist you, our partners, in becoming more efficient and more profitable. We understand the importance of production up-time and the costs associated with unwarranted downtime. With that in mind, we will treat all of your needs with the highest sense of urgency.

A Rich Heritage

Here at Dudley C. Jackson, LLC, customer service has been our number one priority since 1949. Our company was founded on a growing awareness of our customers’ needs, and we take pride in our ability to serve you. Our founder, Dudley C. Jackson, started this business to meet industry’s growing need for technical assistance in the lubrication field. In the early 1970’s, we increased our emphasis into the areas of pumping and application of paints and sealants. Today we continue to service those markets and have added the fields of marking and coding and advanced filtration.

A Team Approach

A firm belief in hiring team members, not just employees is a key reason for our success. We measure that success by a growing list of hundreds of satisfied customers. “Partnering” with our customers is a philosophy we practice every day; improving their productivity and efficiency is a benchmark we use to measure ourselves.