Continuous Pipe Coater

The Nordson dry filter continuous coater delivers consistent, high-quality finishes with rapid return on your investment.

Now you can coat pipe and tube at extremely high line speeds. With the Nordson continuous coater you get all the benefits of a totally automated system plus the clean operation of a self-contained spray system. And a system that’s economical to operate because oversprayed coating material is recovered and reused.

A compact, integrated finishing system, the Nordson continuous coater requires minimal floor space and adapts easily to in-line production methods. High volumes of pipe and tube are easily coated.

Best of all, a Nordson continuous coater often pays for itself in a year or less through coating material savings alone.

The Nordson continuous coater consists of a heated airless spray system connected to a custom-designed spray cabinet through which a product is conveyed. Spray nozzles inside the cabinet are positioned to provide uniform coverage of the product as it passes through the coater. Oversprayed material not deposited on the product is recovered in the coater cabinet and returned to be resprayed.

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