La-Man Corporation is a Minnesota-based provider of compressed air equipment and products that are sold worldwide. La-Man’s signature product is the patented Extractor/Dryer, which is a proven oil and water separator that works to filter compressed air and has done so in the pneumatics industry for over 30 years. La-Man also produces the Pneumatic/Dryer and Pneuguard Oiler, the L-AMAN-Air Breathing Systems, SuperStar Membrane Dryers, the Refrigerated Extractor/Dryer, and drains and valves for the industry.

We offer a variety of La-Man products for purchase in our inventory that help optimize processes for compressed air applications in industry that have been used by such names as the U.S. Military, Tyson Foods, Pepsi, and Lockheed Martin. For more information on any specific La-Man product, such as the Extractor/Dryer or anything else in our inventory, please contact us and we will give you the information you need to make an informed choice.