SAMES-KREMLIN Nanogun Airmix Electrostatic Spray Gun

SAMES-KREMLIN Nanogun Airmix Electrostatic Spray Gun

Nanogun Airmix® Manual Electrostatic gun is designed for applying solvent-based materials. Available in 2 pressure calibrations, 120 and 200 bars (1740 and 2900 psi), it meets a wide range of application requirements.


  • Outstanding performance with high productivity
  • Single setting knob with adjustable flat spray provides great versatility & a higher transfer rate with excellent finish quality
  • Excellent wraparound effect


  • Enhanced ergonomics for increased operator comfort
  • GNM 6080 control module is user-friendly & easy to maintain
  • Features advanced corrective & preventive maintenance reminders
  • Significant paint & air savings
  • Suitable for high to low paint flow rates


  • Quality of selected components ensures reliability
  • Better transfer rate provides less waste

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