NORDSON RA-20 and RA-20R (Robotic mount) Rotary Atomizers

NORDSON RA-20 and RA-20R (Robotic mount) Rotary Atomizers

The Nordson RA-20 Rotary atomizer is still outperforming the competition after all these years.
The production-proven Nordson RA-20 rotary atomizer delivers painting efficiency and superior finishing quality and operating safety for a wide range of finishing applications. Unlike conventional painting bells, the patented RA-20 has no minimum sparking distance. As a result, it can be positioned close to parts for optimal coverage and minimal overspray.

  • Internal powder supply (IPS), the RA-20R rotary atomizer features lightweight, flexible low-voltage cables that experience less wear in robotic applications.
  • Close-in painting for superior performance
  • Air-bearing turbine ensures reliability
  • FM-listed as non-incendiary
  • Patented atomizing cup design for operating versatility
  • Choice of power supplies for operating flexibility
  • Easy retrofit to existing painting systems

Dudley C. Jackson, LLC is the authorized local distributor for the Nordson RA-20 rotary atomizer family of products.
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