Choosing the Best Powder Coating Spray Gun

powder coating spray gunPowder coating is a great innovation in the finishing field. It is more efficient and cost‐effective than traditional finishing, and leaves a tougher finish than the majority of liquid paints. For this reason, powder coating is preferred for a wide range of applications, from automobiles to appliances, mechanical parts, and more.

Arguably the most important part of a powder coating application process is the powder coating spray gun.

A powder coating spray gun is an essential tool, but not all are created the same. In order to have a smooth, resolute finish, you need to have a top‐of‐the‐line gun capable of handling your workload while requiring little maintenance.

Here are tips you can follow to choose the best powder coating spray gun on the market.

Seek High Transfer Efficiency

In powder coating, transfer efficiency is the name of the game.

This is the level of efficiency with which the dry material is transferred to the surface being finished.

Guns with high transfer efficiency waste less material, which ultimately saves you more money. Inferior guns with lower transfer efficiency should be avoided at all costs because they waste far too much material to make them cost‐effective.

Check Spray Rate

How quickly a powder coating spray gun can achieve the desired coverage of material is also a consideration.

Spray rate refers to the velocity and volume in which a spray gun delivers the powder. Spraying powder at the correct velocity ensures that jobs and projects take less time, which saves money. Shops with a high volume of projects during the course of a typical work hour need guns with higher spray rates. It is just as important on low volume projects to ensure the gun is set up correctly for the job. Savings are generated by having the gun spraying the correct volume and velocity of powder.

Pick Guns with High Durability

Finally, a powder coating spray gun is an investment. As an investment, you want a gun that is durable and resilient. You want a gun that can stand up to the rigors of your schedule, without having to be replaced often (which further costs money).

Check the stated durability and maintenance requirements for the powder coating spray gun you’re interested in and make sure that you are selecting a system that stands up well to wear and tear. Even small amounts of wear can eventually cost thousands of dollars in wasted material, not to mention having to pay for a new system.

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